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Collar and Leashes

  • Collar (make sure it is adjustable to grow with your puppy)

    When you purchase your collar for your puppy an adjustable one would be the best as he grows. Once he has reached his full height at about 12 months it is best to choose a collar that fits comfortably. When you do choose the collar be sure to allow enough room to put two fingers under the collar against the dogs neck. If your fingers do not fit comfortably, the collar is too tight. Loosen it and test it once again until you feel the collar fits correctly. You could also take your puppy to the pet store and get them to assist you with the collar fitting. For some of the very small dogs it is a good idea to purchase a harness style collar. The harness makes it very hard for the puppy to get away because they slipped the collar off during your walk.

    • Leash (either a flexi or a regular 6 feet one)

    A six foot leash is great for training and for pretty well most occasions. Another style of leash is the flexi. The flexi leash can be purchased in many lengths and there are different sizes to accommodate all breeds. A flexi will give your puppy space to wonder but also give you control and ensure your puppy stays safe.


There are quite a number of different sizes, types and styles of crates that we are sure you will certainly find one to suit your home décor. Prices vary depending on the size and style you choose. You can search the links on this web site to research which one would should your dog and your home. Be sure to choose a crate that your new puppy can grow into. He should be able to stand up and turn around without crouching. Your breeder is a great source of information to help you choose the right one. Another way is to take the puppy with you to the pet store and let him try it on for size making sure he can stand up and turn around. Remember the puppy is going to grow quickly and you really don't want to have to buy a second crate. That could be expensive. For example, a Shetland sheepdog standard size is between 13” and 16" inches in height. You would purchase a medium size crate.  Check out the links to various stores on this page to see all the styles and prices of dog crates.